The Summit Series Online Conferences

We bring together expert speakers on a given topic and spend the entire day exploring that topic from different angles. Each Summit is chock-full of focused, current content that is highly relevant to today’s Web Designers and Developers. Attendees can participate in live chat with each other and with the presenters—all you need is a computer and an internet connection to attend. Being able to watch it live online saves the time and money you would spend on attending a traditional conference!

The Summit Series allows everyone access to great speakers and talent ... Future conferences need to take into consideration that not everyone has the means nor time to travel.
—Dan Bodenstein

In Control Web Workshop Conferences

These two-day Conferences are chock full of content you can use right now. You get the chance to learn from a diverse array of Web experts, and harness that creative inspiration to unlock your potential. Our workshop-based sessions enable you to delve deeply into the material and learn more. Your time is precious, and we are proud to put together the most practical, relevant conferences we can.

I think of myself as more of a server-side developer rather than a website designer. I came away from In Control with a better understanding of how to reach a common ground with our graphic designers to create a better user experience for our website visitors.
—Fred Ryals

The Humans on Staff

Christopher Schmitt and Ari Stiles are admitted Web conference junkies. Several years of presenting at conferences and helping to organize them accidentally led to a long list of opinions on what the optimal experience should include. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to keep trying to create the ideal conference.

“My web development brain was buzzing and I was loving every minute of it ... I was thrilled to learn of more efficient ways to do the things I’m already doing.” —Ryan Brunsvold