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The Virtual, Live Conference for the Original "Really Little CMS"

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Environments for Humans brings together some of the Web's most notable experts in Perch CMS for an all-new, one-day only online conference, the Perch Summit 2015! Bring the experts to your desktop December 10th from 9AM to 1PM (CT).

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December 10, 2015 \\ 9AM to 1PM CT

(Schedule subject to change)

State of Perch 9am CT

by Edge of My Seat, Creators of Perch CMS

Drew and Rachel will get us started with a look at where Perch and Perch Runway are today, and some future plans.

About Edge of My Seat


From Listings to Layouts 10am CT

by Drew McLellan, Lead developer on Perch CMS

With a system as flexible as Perch, it can be tough to decide on the best way to structure a site from all the available options. Drew will talk through some of the tools available.

You will learn:

  • List and detail pages
  • Layouts and layout variables
  • Blocks and Repeaters
  • Master pages
  • Page attributes
  • Shared regions

About Drew McLellan

Lead developer on Perch CMS and publisher of 24 Ways. Occasional music and conference photographer. Chasing the gruppetto.


PHP Basics 11am CT

by Lorna Mitchell, Author of PHP Master

This session is designed to introduce you to PHP, the language that powers Perch. Get an introduction to working with PHP, how to configure it and an overview of the code you might encounter.

We'll cover some basic code examples and some tools that you might find useful for working with PHP projects.

What you will learn:

  • How to find the php.ini file and useful config settings such as upload size and error reporting
  • How to find log files and what the error messages mean
  • Introduction to PHP variables and functions, loops, arrays, objects and classes. Lots of references for more information!
  • It is safe to try things! Overview of source control and suggestions for local development setups and editors

About Lorna Mitchell

My name is Lorna Jane Mitchell; many of my online colleagues and peers know me simply as lornajane. I'm based in Leeds, in northern England and I'm a freelance software consultant, specialising in PHP and APIs, project rescue, technical training and coaching for a variety of clients both near and far.


Perch Template Tips and Tricks 1pm CT

by Rachel Andrew, Author of CSS Anthology

Confused by Conditionals? Struggling to implement a framework such as Bootstrap? Keen on improving your workflow with reusable Perch Templates to use across your projects. Rachel will host a quick-fire hour or template tricks she uses in her own work. This hour will give you plenty of takeaway examples to start using straight away.

You will learn:

  • Using Conditionals
  • Template Includes
  • Re-using Content templates in Perch Apps
  • Template reusability
  • Passing variables into templates

About Rachel Andrew

Rachel Andrew is a web developer and Director of edgeofmyseat.com, a UK web development consultancy and creators of the small content management system, Perch. She is the author of a number of web design and development books including The CSS3 Anthology for SitePoint and the CSS3 Layout Modules Pocket Guide published by Five Simple Steps.

Rachel writes about business and technology on her blog at rachelandrew.co.uk.


Stepping Up to Perch Runway 2pm CT

by Drew McLellan, Lead developer on Perch CMS

Perch Runway offers extended functionality that is useful for sites both large and small. Find out how you can upgrade your site and start using some key Runway features to make the process of developing and managing content more efficient.

You will learn:

  • Upgrading to Runway from Perch
  • Creating pages and routes
  • Collections and content relationships
  • Cloud storage and Content Delivery Networks
  • Backing up and restoring

About Drew McLellan

Lead developer on Perch CMS and publisher of 24 Ways. Occasional music and conference photographer. Chasing the gruppetto.


Round Table Q&A 3pm CT

by Edge of My Seat, Creators of Perch CMS

To finish the day we'll answer your questions about Perch or any related subject.

About Edge of My Seat


About the Perch Summit 2015

Join fellow web and mobile professionals for a day of learning about this light-weight, flexible CMS. Find out where things are headed in the "State of Perch" opening session. Then dive into the techniques and best practices with respected industry experts--the team behind Perch CMS--Rachel Andrew and Drew McLellan.

Why attend the online conference?
  • Attending a conference online means no travel hassle!
  • Bring the experts live to your desktop!
  • Time spent on the road is better spent instead in the office or with family, friends!
  • Sessions are developed to dive deeper into the material!
  • Ask questions directly to the speakers!
  • Can't make it the day of the conference? Watch the recordings whenever you want!
Free Recordings

Can't make it the day of the conference? Recordings are part of registration, so you can watch the recordings whenever you want!

Within five business days after the event, we will send you information on how to view recorded sessions.

Testimonials from
This conference was a load of fun. I loved the instant feedback from the speakers and the atmosphere.

John-David Dalton
Web Application Developer
& Web Performance Summit Attendee

I love these online conferences. It's convenient and you can still learn a lot from the comfort of your home or at work.

Candi Ligutan
5by5.tv Producer

An absolutely fantastic event. Well done—will definitely be back for more!

Russ Weakley
Chair of Web Standards Group
& CSS Summit Attendee

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Once you are registered, you will receive a follow-up email to confirm your reservation. Later on, as the event draws near, you will receive a more detailed message, with the full schedule and other helpful information to help you take full advantage of your conference-going experience and plan your day.

On the day of the conference, you will receive an email invitation about 45 minutes before everything starts. Click on the enclosed link to sign in and enter the virtual meeting space. Once you are signed in, you'll be able to see and hear the presentations as they happen, ask questions as needed and chat with the other attendees if you like!

Technical Specifications: to attend The Summit, you will need a modern web browser and a recent version of the Adobe Flash Player. Follow this link to run our system diagnostic (opens in a new window). It will let you know right away which plug-ins, if any, you will need to update before the event.

Still have questions? Drop us a line or contact us at e4h@heatvision.com if there's anything else you'd like to know.