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The 7th Annual Live, Online JavaScript & jQuery Conference

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Environments for Humans brings together some of the Web's most notable experts in JavaScript and jQuery for an all-new, three-day online conference, the JavaScript Summit 2015! Bring the experts to your desktop February 10-February 12, 2015 from 9AM to 4PM (CT).

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Day 1 \\ February 10, 2015 \\ 9AM to 4PM CT

(Schedule subject to change)

Web Versus Native 9am CT

by Chris Mills, Sr. Tech Writer at Mozilla

In this talk, Chris discusses the historic problems with web apps, and sheds light on new web platform features that are filling the holes. This includes device APIs such as Web Activities, Camera, device orientation and nfc, offline apps (which are finally looking realistic thanks to service workers), installable apps and more.

  1. Why native is often thought of as better than web, and why it isn't necessarily true.
  2. What new JS APIs are coming that allow web apps to mirror native capabilities.
  3. What technologies are allowing web games to get fast.
  4. How installable web apps work.
  5. The basics of the Firefox OS platform and ecosystem.

About Chris Mills

Chris is a Senior Tech Writer at Mozilla, where he writes docs and demos about open web apps, Firefox OS and related subjects. He loves tinkering around with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and any other web technology you can name, and when he isn?t tinkering, he often gives tech talks at conferences and universities.

Chris used to work for Opera and W3C before coming to Mozilla and in his spare time enjoys playing heavy metal drums and drinking good beer. He lives near Manchester, UK, with his good lady and three beautiful children.


TBA 10am CT

by Rey Bango, Technical Evangelist for Microsoft
Session information forthcoming.

About Rey Bango

As a Technical Evangelist for Microsoft, Rey focuses on promoting best practices for client-side web development and helping Microsoft meet the needs of this community.

He is passionate about HTML5 and the possibilities that it brings for building rich, interactive web applications. In addition, Rey is a member of the jQuery JavaScript project team, and editor of ScriptJunkie.com, the best place for cross-browser, solutions-based web development articles.


TBA 11am CT

by To Be Announced, TBA
Session information forthcoming.

About To Be Announced

Speaker background information forthcoming.


TBA 11am CT

by To Be Announced, TBA
Session information forthcoming.

About To Be Announced

Speaker background information forthcoming.


Day 2 \\ February 11, 2015 \\ 9AM to 4PM CT

(Schedule subject to change)

JavaScript Hearts Unicode 9am CT

by Mathias Bynens, Front-end Web Developer

In this presentation we'll take a look at the various ways JavaScript relies on Unicode, what the consequences are for JavaScript developers, and how ECMAScript 6 will make our lives a bit easier in this regard.

First off, the basics of Unicode will be explained. Once that's out of the way, I'll talk a little bit about different character encodings, only to determine the internal character encoding that JavaScript uses internally (which is kind of a mixture between UCS-2/UTF-16).

Then I'll explore the various consequences of JavaScript exposing "characters" according to UCS-2/UTF-16, and explain why it can be problematic.

Finally, I'll present robust ECMAScript 5-compatible workarounds to the issues encountered, and explain how ECMAScript 6 will make it easier to support full Unicode in JavaScript strings.

About Mathias Bynens

Mathias Bynens works as a freelance web developer in Belgium. He likes HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Web Page Optimization.

To help with those last two things, he created jsPerf a while ago.


Async JS at Netflix 10am CT

by Jafar Husain, Cross-UI Team Technical Lead at Netflix

What's does a mouse drag event have in common with an Array of numbers?

The answer to this question may surprise you: they are both collections. This key insight holds the key to dramatically simplifying asynchronous programming in JavaScript.

In this talk you will learn how you can use the familiar JavaScript Array methods to create surprisingly expressive asynchronous programs. Using just a few functions, you will learn how to do the following:

  • Declaratively build complex events out of simple events (ex. drag n' drop)
  • Coordinate and sequence multiple Ajax requests
  • Reactively update UI's in response to data changes 
  • Eliminate memory leaks caused by neglecting to unsubscribe from events
  • Gracefully propagate and handle asynchronous exception

In this talk we'll be exploring the Reactive Extensions (Rx) library, which allows us to treat events as collections. You'll learn about how Netflix uses Rx on the client and the server, allowing us to build end-to-end reactive systems. We'll also contrast Rx with Promises, another popular approach to building asynchronous programs in JavaScript.

About Jafar Husain

Jafar Husain is Netflix's Cross-UI Team Technical Lead. He specializes in building application servers and user interfaces using functional reactive programming. He's also an active member of TC39, the standards body responsible for evolving the JavaScript language. A highly-rated speaker, he has delivered talks about reactive programming at HTML Dev Conf, QCon, Code Mesh, YOW! and has given multiple Channel 9 interviews on the subject. He has also authored interactive training software to help developers learn about functional reactive programming.


NodeBots and You 11am CT

by Kessandra Perch, Educator/dev/roboticist at Bocoup
Session information forthcoming.

About Kessandra Perch

Information coming soon. ×

Web Components 12pm CT

by Estelle Weyl, Author of HTML5 and CSS3 in the Real World

Components enabled us to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to extend the DOM with reusable components. Discover how to combine Templates, Shadow DOM, Custom Elements, and HTML Imports to semantically and accessibly expand the DOM. With Web Components, we can revolutionize the way we develop the web.

About Estelle Weyl

Estelle Weyl started her professional life in architecture, then managed teen health programs.

In 2000, she took the natural step of becoming a web standardista. She has consulted for Kodakgallery, Yahoo! and Apple, among others.

Estelle shares esoteric tidbits learned while programming CSS, JavaScript and XHTML in her blog at http://evotech.net/blog and provides tutorials and detailed grids of CSS3 and HTML5 browser support in her blog at standardista.com.

She is the author of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript for Mobile and HTML5 and CSS3 for the Real World. While not coding, she works in construction, de-hippifying her 1960?s throwback abode.


Day 3 \\ February 12, 2015 \\ 9AM to 4PM CT

(Schedule subject to change)

TBA 9am CT

by Brandon Satrom, Product Manager for Kendo UI
Session information forthcoming.

About Brandon Satrom

Brandon Satrom is Product Manager for Kendo UI and is based in Austin, TX.

A unapologetic lover of the open web, Brandon loves to talk about HTML, JavaScript, CSS, open source and whatever new shiny tool or technology has distracted him from that other thing he was working on. Brandon has spoken at several regional and national events, and he loves hanging out with and learning from other passionate developers, both online and in person.

He also loves writing and, in addition to having several articles featured in publications like MSDN Magazine and .net Magazine, he's hard at work on a book ("Building Metro Style Apps for Windows 8 in JavaScript") with Chris Sells, slated for release Summer 2012.


TBA 10am CT

by To Be Announced, TBA
Session information forthcoming.

About To Be Announced

Speaker background information forthcoming.


TBA 11am CT

by To Be Announced, TBA
Session information forthcoming.

About To Be Announced

Speaker background information forthcoming.


TBA 12pm CT

by To Be Announced, TBA
Session information forthcoming.

About To Be Announced

Speaker background information forthcoming.


About the JavaScript Summit 2015

JavaScript permeates every corner of the Web, with 99% of site visitors using JavaScript-enabled browser. JavaScript's power and flexibility make it easier to add dynamic interactive features, animation and personalization to almost any layout, and popular frameworks make it even easier to implement on your sites and apps than ever before.

Join some of the Web's most experienced JavaScript professionals as they share experiences culled from working on sites big and small. Get the tips and techniques that use frameworks to their fullest. Learn from the pros how to tackle Javascript difficulties head-on with proven methods in use by some of the most popular sites on the Web.

Why attend the online conference?
  • Attending a conference online means no travel hassle!
  • Bring the experts live to your desktop!
  • Time spent on the road is better spent instead in the office or with family, friends!
  • Sessions are developed to dive deeper into the material!
  • Ask questions directly to the speakers!
  • Can't make it the day of the conference? Watch the recordings whenever you want!
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Within five business days after the event, we email you information on how to view recorded sessions.

Testimonials from
This conference was a load of fun. I loved the instant feedback from the speakers and the atmosphere.

John-David Dalton
Web Application Developer
& Web Performance Summit Attendee

I love these online conferences. It's convenient and you can still learn a lot from the comfort of your home or at work.

Candi Ligutan
5by5.tv Producer

An absolutely fantastic event. Well done—will definitely be back for more!

Russ Weakley
Chair of Web Standards Group
& CSS Summit Attendee

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