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31 Awesomely Practical UX Tips

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Environments for Humans brings together some of the Web's most notable experts in UX for an all-new, one-day only online conference, the Rosenfeld Summit! Bring the experts to your desktop May 29th from 9AM to 4PM (CT).

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May 29, 2013 \\ 9AM to 4PM CT

(Schedule subject to change)

Krug’s 5 Tips 9am CT

by Steve Krug, Author of Don't Make Me Think and Rocket Surgery

Steve is a usability expert with decades of experience and author of the #1 selling UX book Don't Make Me Think. Steve will highlight and explain five tips that have had the most impact with his clients. One biggie: spend an hour each week usability testing your competitors' stuff.

About Steve Krug

Biography forthcoming.


Quesenbery’s 6 Tips 10am CT

by Whitney Quesenbery, User Research Expert

Whitney is a user researcher, user experience practitioner, usability expert and co-author of Storytelling for User Experience and Global UX. She'll show you how to make content better for everyone by relying on such time-tested principles as 'recognition, not recall.'

About Whitney Quesenbery

Whitney Quesenbery is a user experience researcher and usability expert with a passion for clear communication. Her projects include work for the National Cancer Institute (US), The Open University (UK) and IEEE (worldwide).

She enjoys learning about people and using those insights to products where people matter.

She's served on two federal advisory committees, writing standards for accessibility (Section 508) and voting systems. Having taken the bite, she's involved in projects across the country to improve elections and civic design.

Whitney is the author of two books: Storytelling for User Experience: Crafting stories for better design (with Kevin Brooks, Rosenfeld Media, 2010) and Global UX: Design and research in a connected world (with Daniel Szuc, Morgan-Kauffman, 2011).

She?s also proud that her chapter ?Dimensions of Usability? in Content and Complexity turns up on so many course reading lists. Her current project is a book on designing for accessibility and universal design with Sarah Horton (for Rosenfeld Media).


Eisenberg’s 3 Tips 11am CT

by Jeffrey Eisenberg, Online Marketing Optimization Expert

Co-author of Waiting for your Cat to Bark, Jeffrey has been an online marketing optimization expert for over 15 years, improving conversion rates and persona-based accountable marketing for organizations in 26 countries. He'll show you how micro-copy is critical to conversion, among other tips.

About Jeffrey Eisenberg

Jeffrey Eisenberg is a recognized authority in online marketing optimization, improving online conversion rates, and persona-based accountable marketing. For over 15 years he and his brother, Bryan, have have helped medium to large B2B & B2C companies like HP, Intel, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Overstock, NBC Universal, ICE.com & hundreds of others to craft accountable digital marketing strategies emphasizing the optimization of customer experiences in order to convert more leads, subscriptions, and sales. Currently he consults, trains and mentors select clients.

As an original CEO & co-founder of FutureNow Inc in 1998, Jeffrey was one of the very first sales & lead conversion optimization professionals on the Internet. He is no longer involved with the firm since 2009. Jeffrey is the co-author of the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, USA Today and New York Times bestselling books "Call to Action" & "Waiting For Your Cat to Bark?". He has also written for publications like Forbes.com, ClickZ Network, and eMarketing & Commerce Magazine. He served as keynote speaker for both North American and international interactive marketing conferences like PubCon, Dreamforce, Search Engine Strategies, plus iCon Text. Eisenberg speaks Spanish with native fluency and has transacted business in 26 countries.


Weinschenk’s 7 Tips 1pm CT

by Susan Weinschenk, Author of Neuro Web Design

Susan is the author of Neuro Web Design and a specialist in applying psychology to technology and the workplace. She'll share her uncommon wisdom; for example, "most mental processing occurs unconsciously. If you design for the conscious mind only, you are missing the boat."

About Susan Weinschenk

Known as The Brain Lady, Susan specializes in applying psychology to technology and the workplace. She has a Ph.D. in psychology and more than 30 years of experience as a behavioral psychologist. She's written several books, including 100 Things Every Presenter Needs To Know About People, 100 Things Every Designer Needs To Know About People, and Neuro Web Design: What makes them click?.

She is an instructor, speaker, mentor, and consultant for Fortune 1000 companies, start-ups, non-profit agencies, and educational institutions. She's designed websites, software, marketing campaigns, TV ads, e-learning, training, mobile apps, microwave displays, and medical devices. A short list of her clients includes Walmart, Disney, The Mayo Clinic, Charles Schwab, and Best Buy. She loves to teach and give speeches. One of her clients called her "the Brain Lady," which she liked, so it has stuck.


Walter’s 5 Tips 2pm CT

by Aarron Walter, User Experience Design Team Leader at MailChimp

Aarron leads the User Experience Design team behind MailChimp, TinyLetter, and Mandrill. He is the author of a number of books, including Designing for Emotion. Aarron will explain how his team consistently delivers state-of-the-art work though a novel testing philosophy: "Use it while you design it."

About Aarron Walter

Aarron Walter leads the User Experience Design team behind MailChimp, TinyLetter, and Mandrill, applications that serve millions of users in 150 countries. He is the author of a number of books, including Designing for Emotion from A Book Apart, a tiny volume helping startups, designers, and executives realize the power of personality in a brand.

Aarron is a veteran educator, with nearly a decade of experience teaching interaction design at colleges around the US. He spent three years leading a team of educators and industry experts in the creation of InterACT, an open-source curriculum designed to help schools teach skills relevant to the web industry.

Aarron speaks about design at conferences and companies around the world, and guides startups as they shape the direction of their products.


Wroblewski’s 5 Tips 3pm CT

by Luke Wroblewski, Author of Mobile First and Web Form Design

"LukeW" is an interaction design expert and author of Mobile First, Web Form Design, and Site-Seeing: A Visual Approach to Web Usability. Luke wields a special talent for combining his technology and design knowledge with inventive solutions. You'll benefit from his sage advice, such as "Employ just-in-time actions to reveal features only when needed."

About Luke Wroblewski

Luke was co-founder and chief product officer (CPO) of Bagcheck, which was acquired by Twitter nine months after being launched publicly. Prior to this, Luke was an entrepreneur-in-residence (EIR) at Benchmark Capital and the chief design architect (VP) at Yahoo, where he worked on product alignment and forward-thinking integrated customer experiences on the web, mobile, TV, and beyond.

Luke is the author of three popular web design books (Mobile First, Web Form Design, and Site-Seeing: A Visual Approach to Web Usability) in addition to many articles about digital product design and strategy. He is a consistently top-rated speaker at conferences and companies around the world, and a co-founder and former board member of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA).

Previously, Luke was the lead user interface designer of eBay Inc.'s platform team, where he led the strategic design of new consumer products (such as eBay Express and Kijiji) and internal tools and processes. He also founded LukeW Ideation & Design, a product strategy and design consultancy; taught graduate interface design courses at the University of Illinois; and worked as a senior interface designer at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), the birthplace of the first popular graphical web browser, NCSA Mosaic.


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About the Rosenfeld Summit

We've asked six of the smartest people in the UX industry to share the most essential tips that designers and researchers need to know. They came up with 31 incredibly valuable pieces of advice that will dramatically improve and strengthen your UX practice.

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I love these online conferences. It's convenient and you can still learn a lot from the comfort of your home or at work.

Candi Ligutan
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An absolutely fantastic event. Well done—will definitely be back for more!

Russ Weakley
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