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The 1st annual online, live mobile UX conference

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Environments for Humans brings together some of the Web's most notable experts in Mobile UX for an all-new, one-day only online conference, the Mobile UX Summit 2013! Bring the experts to your desktop September 12th from 9AM to 4PM (CT).

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September 12, 2013 \\ 9AM to 4PM CT

(Schedule subject to change)

Designing for Touch: 5 Tips 9am CT

by Josh Clark, Author of Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps

Handheld touchscreen design introduces genuine ergonomic issues; it's no longer just how your pixels look but also how they feel. Learn practical tips for touchscreen ergonomics on phones, tablets, and hybrid devices.

About Josh Clark

Josh Clark is a designer, developer, and author specializing in iPhone and iPad user experience. He's author of the O'Reilly books "Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps" and "Best iPhone Apps: The Guide for Discriminating Downloaders."

Josh's outfit Global Moxie offers workshops and consulting services to help creative companies build tapworthy iPhone apps and effective websites.


Android 4.x Design: 5 Tips and a Case Study 10am CT

by Greg Nudelman, Mobile Experience Strategist

Greg Nudelman will present five tips for Android 4.x design and a case study for translating an iOS app to Android. Greg will also explain how to take your mobile design past "eye candy" and into "eye-meat" territory with the help of some cutting-edge "experimental patterns": uncommon solutions to common mobile design challenges.

About Greg Nudelman

Information coming soon. ×

Mobile Typography: 5 Tips 11am CT

by Jason Teague, Author of Fluid Web Typography

When it comes to mobile design, don't underestimate the importance of strong typography for creating effective communication. When screen real estate is limited, you have to rely even more on the appearance of your text to get your visual message across. Jason will explore five typographic tips and how to apply them in the mobile world.

About Jason Teague

Jason Cranford Teague is the Managing Director of UX for Forum One, an interactive agency that helps build a positive future through the creative application of technology. He has been at the forefront of Web design for over 16 years as a designer, writer and speaker.

Jason is a prolific writer, with numerous books and articles published on digital media and culture including CSS3 Visual QuickstartFluid Web Typography and Speaking in Styles: The Fundamentals of CSS for Web Designers. He is also a semi-regular columnist for Webdesigner Depot and GeekDad.

Jason has also worked with the W3C CSS Workgroup, Yuri's Night: The World Space Party and was the Director of Web Design Standards for AOL. He recently served as the Design Manager for Marriott International eCommerce, where he helped relaunch the marriott.com, the 7th largest transaction site on the Web.

Follow him on twitter @jasonspeaking.


A Mobile First Case Study 1pm CT

by Theresa Neil, UX Designer

Take an in-depth look at the mobile first approach used to design Silvercar, a new rental car company that caters to business travelers. From conceptual research through launching 200 Audi A4s at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport in just six months, you'll learn how designing "mobile first" can drive a successful project forward--fast!

About Theresa Neil

Theresa Neil is an international design expert based in Austin Texas. She is passionate about making products that look good and work well. Her top selling O'Reilly books, Designing Web Interfaces, co-authored with Bill Scott, and the Mobile Design Pattern Gallery have helped thousands of IT professionals advance their design skills and create better experiences.

Theresa and her team of experts work closely with clients to define and deliver UX solutions for complex problems. Having led the design for 100+ products in the last 13 years, Theresa knows the magic formula to rapidly designing and releasing successful products.


Successful Mobile User Research: 5 Tips 2pm CT

by Mike Fisher, User Experience Consultant

Even if you've been doing user research for twenty years, mobile environments present some unique new challenges. Mike's practical advice will put you on a path toward becoming a more effective mobile user researcher.

About Mike Fisher

Mike B Fisher is a user experience consultant with over a dozen years of experience in the field. He has provided UX guidance and insights to numerous household-name companies including many in the Fortune 500. In 1993 Fisher founded the first Internet consultancy to specialize in the entertainment industry, and later created the first user testing methodology for the world?s largest internet consulting firm. He writes Complete Usability, a user experience blog. Follow him on Twitter.


Media Queries for Multi-Device Web Experiences: 7 Tips 3pm CT

by Brad Frost, Web Designer

The device landscape is chock full of small screens, large screens and everything in between. As Web designers, it's our job to make sure our experiences look and function great on any device. Brad will explore practical tips and considerations for designing media queries, which are responsive design's secret sauce.

About Brad Frost

Brad Frost is a web designer based in Pittsburgh, PA. He is the creator of Mobile Web Best Practices, a resource site aimed at helping people create great mobile and responsive web experiences. He is also the curator of WTF Mobile Web, which teaches by example what not to do when working with the mobile web. He is passionate about mobile likes to tweet, blog, and speak about it.


About the Mobile UX Summit 2013

Rosenfeld Media has put together another great lineup of User Experience experts to bring you the best techniques in Mobile UX! Spend a day immersed in case studies and soaking up tips from real-life projects. You?ll walk away with new insight and a focused set of tools to tackle your own Mobile UX challenges.

Why attend the online conference?
  • Attending a conference online means no travel hassle!
  • Bring the experts live to your desktop!
  • Time spent on the road is better spent instead in the office or with family, friends!
  • Sessions are developed to dive deeper into the material!
  • Ask questions directly to the speakers!
  • Can't make it the day of the conference? Watch the recordings whenever you want!
Testimonials from
This conference was a load of fun. I loved the instant feedback from the speakers and the atmosphere.

John-David Dalton
Web Application Developer
& Web Performance Summit Attendee

I love these online conferences. It's convenient and you can still learn a lot from the comfort of your home or at work.

Candi Ligutan
5by5.tv Producer

An absolutely fantastic event. Well done—will definitely be back for more!

Russ Weakley
Chair of Web Standards Group
& CSS Summit Attendee

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On the day of the conference, you will receive an email invitation about 45 minutes before everything starts. Click on the enclosed link to sign in and enter the virtual meeting space. Once you are signed in, you'll be able to see and hear the presentations as they happen, ask questions as needed and chat with the other attendees if you like!

Technical Specifications: to attend The Summit, you will need a modern web browser (Firefox 1.5, IE 6 & Safari 2 or newer, for example) and a recent version of the Adobe Flash Player. Follow this link to run our system diagnostic (opens in a new window). It will let you know right away which plug-ins, if any, you will need to update before the event.

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