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The Live Higher Ed Internet Marketing & Web Dev Conference March 22-23, 2011

Environments for Humans brings together some of the Web's most notable experts in Higher Education Internet Marketing & Web Development for an all-new, two-day online conference, the .eduGuru Summit! Bring the experts to your desktop March 22nd and 23rd from 9am to 4pm (CT). Don't miss this great event and purchase your tickets now!

Why Attend?

You can sharpen your online strategies in Tuesday’s Marketing Track, tackle technical challenges in Wednesday’s Technical Track, or both. Whichever you choose, buy your .eduGuru Summit ticket soon—seating is limited! Never been to an online conference before? We can tell you how it works.

Marketing Track \\ Tuesday, March 22

Georgy Cohen mugshot

Prized Bargain Bin MoMA 9 a.m. CT

by Georgy Cohen, manager of web content & strategy at Tufts University

The fire hose is spouting content nonstop. Somewhere in that stream, serendipitously, content is being created that organically aligns with your school's brand.

There are several ways that, using a variety of free tools and tricks, we can draw on content from the community to create a dynamic, real-time representation of our brand, powered by authentic, organic content.

Web thinkers like Robert Scoble and Steve Rubel have called content curation the "next evolution of digital storytelling" and "the next big thing to shake the Web."

It's no longer enough to simply aggregate. We must take the process of how we already read and filter the Web and turn it outward, taming the herd of content and hitching it to our brand.

During this session, Cohen demonstrates the success of turning content found via social media monitoring into "found art," curated into a blog on the Tufts experience called Jumble.

I will also offer a variety of take-home ideas that are affordable and easy to execute.

Jessica Krywosa mugshot

Social Media for Retention & Graduation 10 a.m. CT

by Jessica Krywosa, director of web communication at Suffolk University

Many—if not all—universities now actively embrace social media as a source to reach out to prospective and current students.

Admissions offices often use it to communicate with prospects and alert admitted students of deadlines and events. But how are we using it for enrolling students, keeping them, and graduating them?

In this session, discussions develop around how to use social media in these goals, who should be doing it, and how to sucessfully measure the outcome of it.

Mike Petroff mugshot

Boosting Service with Social Media 11 a.m. CT

by Mike Petroff, web manager for enrollment at Emerson College

Give your audience a better experience online. If your customer service strategy is solely to provide an email address and phone number to call during office hours, you're probably not doing enough.

In this session, learn how to provide a 24/7 online service center for your audience by utilizing social media monitoring, live chat functionality, and online tools that allow users to assist each other. Build a culture around customer service and you'll see an immediate boost in audience satisfaction.

Karlyn Morissette mugshot

Learning from the Insane Clown Posse 1 p.m. CT

by Karlyn Morissette, higher education marketing consultant

It sounds crazy, right?

What could respectable institutions of higher education possibly learn from a controversial rap group comprised of high school dropouts dressed up in clown makeup?

Well, like them or hate them, the Insane Clown Posse make millions each year by applying basic marketing and branding techniques that any college would be wise to avail themselves of. This presentation shows you how.

In this session, we discuss concepts like finding your uniqueness, owning your identity, creating an experience and community building, and then showing real world examples of how colleges have applied these concepts to build their brands.

Mallory Wood mugshot

Integrated Student Ambassador Program 2 p.m. CT

by Mallory Wood, assistant director of marketing at Saint Michael's College

What is your institution’s strategy for connecting with prospective students online? Does it involve your student ambassadors? (Hint: It should!) Take your Bloggers beyond blogging!

In this presentation you learn how to expand, integrate and manage your institution’s student bloggers' presence across multiple social networking platforms, including twitter, formspring, facebook, ning, youtube, and more!

Mark Greenfield mugshot

Web Governance in Higher Education 3 p.m. CT

by Mark Greenfield, influential member of the higher education web community

Yes, Higher Education is the toughest gig in all the web.

Multiple missions, silos, consensus decision making, multiple audiences with disparate needs, corporate expectations on a not-for-profit budget, the growing expectations of the technology adept millennial students, campus politics, and an organizational structure resembling federalism all combine to create a very demanding environment... With the web growing in importance, it is now critical to overcome these challenges.

This presentation will make the case on why web governance and management is essential to achieve a quality college web presence.

Topics include:

  • What happens without web governance and management
  • How to educate senior management on what makes a great website and why it matters
  • The difference between governance and management, and why both matter
  • How to make web governance work in a decentralized organizational model
  • A review of the pros and cons of various governance models, committee structures and reporting structures

Technical Track \\ Wednesday, March 23

Nick DeNardis mugshot

Golden Rule of the Web 9 a.m. CT

by Nick DeNardis, associate director of web communications at Wayne State University

Why you cannot outsource a sustainable redesign project, but jump starting it has to come from the outside. We all know what annoys us online, why do we keep doing it to our users?

Working internally you come across various motivations and keeping the users front and center can be difficult. Learn strategies and techniques to keep the end user top of mind and driving decisions.

Jason Woodward mugshot

Semantics on the Web & You: Why? 10 a.m. CT

by Jason Woodward, soon-to-be-entrepreneur information integrator in Ithaca, NY

Many would agree that one of the next frontiers on the Web is adding, or deducing, machine readable meaning from information present on the web.

Current standards provide a language to participate in this ecosystem, but what's in it for you?

We'll cover the basics of the terminology, and then discuss well-established uses of this technology, and the latest trends.

Michael Fienen mugshot

Head First Video Strategy 11 a.m. CT

by Michael Fienen, director of web marketing at Pittsburg State University

Get yourself a crash course in how to get rolling with video for your university, including what technical details you need to plan for, accessibility, and production considerations.

Seth Odell mugshot

Next Level Live Streaming 1 p.m. CT

by Seth Odell, media marketing specialist in Los Angeles

From incorporating PowerPoint slides, to mixing audio levels and running a multi-camera event, this presentation will spotlight tips and tricks for producing a more professional live stream experience.

Focused primarily on live streaming with third party sites like UStream.TV, advice will cover a range of options and price points and will be accessible to both experienced live stream experts and beginners just starting out.

Kyle James mugshot

SEO Tools for a College Web Rockstar 2 p.m. CT

by Kyle James, product manager for blogging and SEO tools at HubSpot

By now everyone knows the value of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

There are a lot of optimization tools out there and free optimization tools are a dime a dozen. Knowing exactly what free tools are the best is the real challenge.

What is important in optimization of a college websites is actually different than most websites.

In this session, James talks through what is important in optimizing college websites so that when you evaluate SEO tools you will be better able to pick the right one. After that he covers some of the best free tools for you and how to use them.

Dylan Wilbanks mugshot

10 Years in The Hole 3 p.m. CT

by Dylan Wilbanks, former web developer at University of Washington

University of Washington web developer Dylan Wilbanks looks for ten lessons the higher ed Web can teach us about the university and the Web—and how we can change how the university presents itself on the Web.

His hope is to inspire those in the trenches of the university Web—writers, coders, marketers, all—to hang on to the optimism that the Web and higher education instilled in us... or to convince them that working as a Wal-Mart greeter may ultimately be more fulfilling.

Presented with a new afterword for this event, Wilbanks' talk won Best of Conference at HighEdWeb.

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