iPhone iPad Summit

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Environments for Humans brings together some of the Web's most notable experts in iPhone and iPad development for an all-new, all-day online conference, the iPhone iPhone Summit (Add event) on August 25th from 9am to 5pm (CT).
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  • Attending a conference online means no travel hassle!
  • Bring the experts live to your desktop!
  • Time spent on the road is better spent instead with family, friends or in the office!
  • Sessions are developed to dive deeper into CSS!
  • See and ask questions directly to the speakers!
  • Can't make it the day of the conference? Watch the recordings whenever you want!
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iPhone & PhoneGap

Jesse MacFadyen
by Jesse MacFadyen

PhoneGap is an open source initiative for bringing native device capabilities to mobile browsers.

With PhoneGap, developers can author applications in HTML and Javascript while still taking advantage of native mobile device capabilities, such as camera, vibration, local storage, file-system, contacts, sound and more.

PhoneGap runs on a variety of mobile platforms including iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

In this presentation, attendees will become familiar with the PhoneGap framework, and will learn how to build applications and contribute back to the PhoneGap project. Discover why PhoneGap is the easiest way to quickly build iPhone application, with the added benefit that you can also target other devices.

iPad & Sencha Touch

Jesse MacFadyen
by David Kaneda

Sencha Touch is a new Javascript framework that allows you to develop web apps that look and feel native on Apple iOS and Google Android touchscreen devices.

This session will be part code and part general advice, and will cover the creation of a simple Sencha Touch app, including:

  • Setting up your environment
  • Adding interface components
  • Customizing your application
  • Deploying your application

iPhone Face Detection

Alasdair Allan
by Alasdair Allan

The OpenCV library is a collection of routines intended for real-time computer vision, released under the BSD License, free for both private and commercial use. The library has a number of different possible applications including object recognition and tracking.

This talk will walk attendees through the cross-compiling and building a static distribution of the library which you can link to your application and make use of from both the iPhone Simulator and the iPhone (and iPod touch) device itself.

We’ll then go on a discuss how to use the OpenCV library to build a simple application to perform face recognition on images taken directly using the iPhone’s own camera.

This presentation is an walks the attendees through cross-compiling and building the OpenCV library for the iPhone. It assumes some experience with programming the iPhone and with Objective-C, and experience with the command line build tools. Previous experience cross-compiling for code for multiple platforms is not required. It would suit experience iPhone developers.

iPhone Offline Mode

Jonathan Stark
by Jonathan Stark

Thanks to new features available in HTML5, web apps can now operate without an internet connection just like native apps.

Follow along as Jonathan demonstrates how to enable offline mode for your web app using the Offline Application Cache.

Attendees will learn:

  • The syntax of the manifest file
  • How to create a manifest file dynamically
  • How to push out updates to your app
  • Troubleshooting tips & tricks

HTML5 Client-side Data Storage

Simon St. Laurent
by Simon St. Laurent

HTML5 goes well beyond markup with new facilities for storing information on the browser.

While there's still a sandbox, the space limitations of cookies are vanishing as sessionStorage, localStorage, and the Web Database API come into the conversation.  Your web sites and applications can now have an independent life of their own, with JavaScript operating on local data.

This talk will explore the different options becoming available, their levels of maturity and interoperability, and the transformation of web architecture that's on the way.

iOS & the User Experience

Suzanne Ginsburg
by Suzanne Ginsburg

With over 225,000 apps in the App Store, it has become increasingly challenging for app designers and developers to differentiate their apps.

The days are long gone when it was possible to crank out an app over the weekend and refine it after receiving a few not-so-flattering user reviews. Users now have choices—lots of them. If your app is difficult to use or doesn’t meet their needs, finding another one is just a tap away.

For most apps, it boils down to one thing: the user experience. In this session, we'll review user experience methodologies and best practices that can help your app stand out from the pack.

Mobile Design with CSS3

Dan Rubin
by Dan Rubin

The mobile web has never been more important — with iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad, plus Android OS and Palm WebOS devices, the experience of using the web while on the go is finally good enough for users to adopt.

Are you doing everything you can to ensure those users have an engaging experience tailored to their specific needs?

In this comprehensive session, interface and user experience designer Dan Rubin will teach you the key steps to transform your site for mobile users, from content strategy to CSS3 to device detection and optimization.

Designing iPhone Interfaces

Josh Clark
by Josh Clark

Tapworthy apps cope with small screens and fleeting user attention to make every pixel count, every tap rewarding.

In this session, learn how to:

  • Capture the elusive ingredients of irresistible mobile interfaces
  • Craft comfortable ergonomics for fingers and thumbs
  • Dodge the usability gotchas of handheld devices
  • and turn tiny-touchscreen constraints to your advantage

Along the way, you'll get behind-the-scenes glimpses into the design process of popular apps including Facebook, Twitterrific, USA Today, Things, and others

Executive Summary

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The Schedule

NOTE that all times are in Central Time. (Time zone converter) Schedule subject to change. All presentations will be roughly 45 minutes long with an additional 10 minutes for questions and answers, then a five-minute break while we get ready for the next speaker.